SBPL Board of Trustees


  Board Member: Term: Expiration:
  1 Michael Aguirre (President) 6 year term June 2029
  2 Shannon Maier 6 year term June 2029
  3 Deb Collins 4 year term June 2027
  4 Jane Schaar (Secretary) 4 year term June 2025
  5 Jenni McCrory (Vice President) 4 year term June 2027
  6 Garry Clark   2 year term June 2025
  7 Shari Zenor Kiple  2 year term  June 2025

Nearly all of Iowa's more than 500 public libraries are governed by a library board, also known as a board of trustees. Most Iowa public library boards have the authority to hire and evaluate the Library Director; adopt library policies; shift budget funds from one line item to another; approve library expenditures and more. 

On May 9, 2017, the Sergeant Bluff City Council amended the code of ordinances and passed the addition of a new chapter to establish a new public library and provide for the appointment, powers and duties of a Board of Library Trustees - Ordinance No.651, Chapter 27, Public Library Board

The Board of Trustees work with the Library Director to oversee library operations including expenditure of library funds while advocating for the public library as a resource within our community. 

Board members serve for 6 year terms. Special term lengths can be appointed in order to ensure that any more than 2-3 board member terms do not all expire during the same fiscal year.   

If you are interested in serving on the SBPL Board of Trustees or would like to learn more, contact any of the board members above or stop into the library or city hall and pick up an application. You can also download an application from our website - CLICK HERE for Board of Trustees Application

Please return your completed application to the library or you can email it to


Board Meeting Minutes


  • 1/17/2024 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 2/21/2024 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 3/20/2024 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 4/17/2024 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes from meeting rescheduled to 4/24/24 due to CommCon
  • 5/15/2024 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 6/19/2024 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • No Regular Board Meeting​​​
  • 8​​​​​/21/2024 - Regular Board Meeting​​​
  • 9/18/2024 - Regular Board Meeting
  • 10/16/2024 - Regular Board Meeting​​​​
  • 11/20/2024 - Regular Board Meeting  
  • No Regular Board Meeting​​​


  • 1/25/2023 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 2/15/2023 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 3/15/2023 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 4/19/2023 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 5/17/2023 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 6/21/2023 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 7/19/2023 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • No Regular Board Meeting​​​ in August
  • 9/20/2023 - Regular Board Meeting Minutes
  • 10/18/2023 - Regular Board Meeting​​​​ Minutes
  • 11/15/2023 - Regular Board Meeting   Minutes
  • No Regular Board Meeting​​​ in December