Library Policies

The Sergeant Bluff Public Library provides policies for the effective use and management of the library. 

Behavior Policy

irculation Policy

Collection Policy

Computer & Internet Usage Policy

Financial Card Use Policy

Gifts and Donation PolicyEmergency Policy

Meeting Room Policy


Library Board Bylaws

While the Public Library Board of Trustees delegates day-to-day management of the library to the director, the board maintains its responsibility to ensure that the library succeeds and prospers. In exercising that responsibility, Iowa’s public library boards have five primary roles: Hiring a Library Director to manage daily operations that the board works with and in support of with mutual respect of each other’s roles, approving and monitoring the library budget, development and adoption of policies, planning for the library future, and evaluating library service and advocating for advancements.

The community puts its faith in the library board to make sure the library is operating within the public trust. The board helps determine whether the community is satisfied with library programming and services. Boards push for adequate funding, seek technology advancements, foster community relationships, and support the library staff wherever possible

Board of Trustees Bylaws - last amended and approved 04/1923